Алабай фото

Alaba's Dog Breed


Country of origin: Central Asia
Growth: 65 - 78 cm (coupling); 60 - 69 cm (suke)
Weight: 55 - 79 kg (coupling); 40 - 65 cm (suke)
Premises: not recommended
Life expectancy: 12-15 years
Good for you. for experienced owners

Alabah character

Mid-Asia sheep or alabai, often referred to as this breed, very self-conscious and fearless dog with strong protective instincts.

Despite their military skills, the Asian medievals are known for their calm and indifference.

This pond is not as aggressive and furope as her close relative, the Caucasus sheep. However, alabai dominate dog breeding, requiring early education and socialization.

Mid-Asian sheep usually get along with other domestic animals in the house, be they cats or dogs. But they're very aggressive towards someone else's dogs, and they're always supposed to be in public places.

Because of their strong protective instincts, the Asian medieval sheep treats strangers very carefully.

Alabai tends to have a good relationship with children in the family, always assuming the role of protecting them. However, the Asian medieval sheeps are playing well and beautiful companions, including for children.

Alabate disease

The positive fact is that the health of the Asian medieval sheep is that, unlike many other large species, the alabais are not inclined to vent the stomach.


Mid-Asian sheep does not require a large number of care. The alabai worm is resistant to dirt and looks clean and fit, even without regular care. Despite the fact that sticks and grass are often woven into wool, it does not result in complacency, but the mud after it drys, it goes away on its own.

This one. dog breed It's very narrow in the spring, and then it's not much to lose, but throughout the year. Regular removal of the fatal wool can significantly reduce its number in the house. Searching the alabais is best on the street.

It is also necessary to clip claws and ears in time, especially if the dog suffers from infection or allergies.

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