Алабаи - порода собак, которые

Alabate The Dog Breed

АлабайThe dog is a man's friend. And it's not just, it's the most loyal and loyal, who doesn't know what sublime is, jealousy, treason for a piece of well-being. It's not a qualification that wouldn't interfere with a man himself. And here's a wonderful example, alabai with the picture of the largest of this species.

We'll have time for the tested.

Alabai is an Asian medieval sheep that I call a Turkmen wolf or just an Asian. Professionals in this area consider the alabe of the oldest. the world's dog breedwhich, under 6,000 years of age, has reached our days almost purely. The selection of cowardly and lazy dogs who treat a man with evil for these millenniums has defined the basic qualities in this species: alabai aggression against people when guarding their herd, their territory. Outside this zone, dogs don't show to people of aggression. But the strangers are insecure. The master's loyalty, though. They'll go after him anywhere, even if they're dead, but this fighter will never publish a visa and will not stop the pain. Great guard and protector, especially children.

Алабай Александра ХудяковаA real friend.

The alabai with the photo is the largest known man today. And in general, this dog breed is one of the biggest in this world. In the rating of the first dozen Asians in the eighth place. It may and will fall to some of the mastiffs in the mass, but the far away before it is acquired under the knowledgeable conditions of the glasses, with the meal and constant contaminants of the same wolves, to fight against which the breed of pasture dogs was raised for centuries.

Of course, this species has basic criteria in size and weight. But there are many exceptions. The largest alabai in the world resides in the Stavropol province and belongs to Alexander Khudyakov. The song is really unique in many ways. As Alexander himself points out, his pet is even the largest alabai, but it only has the most characteristic properties.

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