Carman Dog Species Photos

The breast cell is wide, the ribs rounded, the stomach will be very tight. The nature of the species is the manner of keeping the tail - it is either folded in a semi-circuit or held high with a light bending. When the tail moves, the tail shall not be wrapped or confused between the rear legs.


As for wool, Chihuahua has two varieties of blood. It's a short wool that's very tight around the torso. There's a more rare wool on the throat and abdomen, but the whole cover is soft and brilliant. Long-range dogs have a slightly exciting or direct wool, very silk and soft. The substretch is not too thick.

All the colours of the different shades and combinations are allowed.

Weight and growth

The evaluation does not take into account growth, the focus of professional attention is weight, ideal weight is 1, 5-3 kg, but there are tiny dogs, 0, 5-1, 5 kg. Individuals with a weight exceeding 3 kg are not allowed to compete.

Nature of Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a classic karman dog. Funny, jumping, curious, funny, brave and intellectual.

These dogs are loyal and friendly to all family members, but they only choose one of their favorite hosts. They need attention and care, their amicable nature enables them to come up with a variety of ways to receive as much attention as possible from the owners.

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