Характер лабрадора ретривера

Labrador Dog Species

лабрадор ретриверLABRADOR FORTO

Country of origin: Canada
Growth: 56 - 61 cm (shelf); 53 - 58 cm (suke)
Weight: 27 - 36 kg (coil); 25 - 32 kg (suke)
Maintenance in apartment: suitable, but required sufficient physical load
Life expectancy: 10-13 years
Good for you. for inexperienced owners

Labrador character

Retriever Labradors are reliable and patient dogs. Most of all, they like activity and attention. They're always ready for a walk and an endless game.

These dogs are simple in training. They're patience and obedience.

At home, these dogs are happy to play with children and other animals and love to participate in family activities.

Labradors usually miss them when they're left alone for a long time. Low energy and lack of sufficient attention lead to apathy and destructive behaviour on the dog.

лабрадор ретриверLucky for Labrador is a lot of traffic and games on the street. Ideally, when such a dog lives in a country house, with a place in place, the labrador needs regular long walks or visits to the park.

The dogs of this breed receive beautiful pets for the family, which makes them very popular, but they may not be a simple test for the inexperienced owners of dogs who do not know how to treat large, active dogs such as labradors.

Despite the fact that the Labradors are very smart dogs, they often have the reputation of "dumps" in the dog world for their directness and hyperactivity. In addition, these dogs remain mentally immature during the first three years of their lives, which exacerbates their excessive friendship. Careful training can teach these smart dogsthink twice about your actions.

These dogs are fine with the kids, but you have to be careful letting the little kids play with them. Although the Labrador will never harm the child consciously, they may shed a little child during the game unintentionally. It's better not let little kids play with dogs without care if the labrador's not well-educated or yet out of puppy age.

Anyone who tries to use a retriever labrador as a security guard is likely to be disappointed. Despite the fact that this dog can bark much and loudly in some situations, it is too friendly and not too aggressive to be an effective security guard for property or to scare strangers.

Labrador diseases

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