собака породы Салюки

Most Common Dog Species

Boseron's species or French smooth-shaped sheep.
French porridge of pastures and security dogs. Not most common today dog breed♪ It is often confused with or with a doberman or a rotweiler, and more often, it is taken to bleed these species with classic sheep. In order not to be mistaken in this way in meeting these dogs, it is necessary to know them better.
Boserones are confident dogs with open character. Uncomfortable, loving, smart and self-reliant, have excellent memory. The world is viewed with a sincere view, without a shadow of gloom, fear or anxiety.
The behaviour of these sheeps is balanced by obedience and disrespect. The great feature of those French sheep is that they grow up late. Adult boserone can only be called two, sometimes three years.
Categorically, it doesn't fit as the first newcomer dog. Such a dog should not be imposed on people with little or soft character. Without proper attention to the upbringing and distraction, you're not gonna get a great housemate, an assistant and a friend, and a wild night terror, so you can say horror on the wings of the night.
Boserones do not need special conditions of detention, are easily used in the apartment and in the house. The point is never to put a dog on a chain--- you can get a dangerous and uncontrollable animal.
Long and active walks are desirable. If your beloved man is a purely companion, then make him a decent physical burden.
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