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Nice Dog Breeds

лучшие породы собак для квартиры фото 1You decided to have a dog in the apartment... Whether a child, parents, or that's just your personal decision, doesn't matter. You have a problem with choosing a pet that will be comfortable and happy to live in the apartment. We need to pay attention to:

  • Dog gabarity: first, will you be able to provide her with enough room to set up her lazy, playground, and so on, secondly, who will walk her out (the child holds a 40-kg blade) and thirdly, the question of feeding, yet small breeds is more economical. But, as they say, the master is a barin;
  • The nature of the breed is whether the dog is active, as long as it takes walks, what characteristics;
  • I don't like sweet and good pets, of course, but if you need a lawyer, the bowl won't be good for that role.
  • Behaviour is a question of contention, first of all, of education, and then the genetic features of the species.

Based on these criteria, we offer our version of the best dog species to stay in the apartment.


Open our rating. House dog breed - Budel. Not only is a beautiful, but a strong, stunning dog. In the 17th century, the poodles lived in the renowned houses, as a result of the settlement, three varieties were removed: a large, carlic and small puddle.лучшие породы собак для квартиры фото 3 They're very good at training, friendly and active. They like to fool around, always accompany their master on walks, play games. It's a family dog that treats children and animals perfectly, a beautiful companion for single or elderly people. It's very protective, easy to learn, and loneliness is bad, so if you don't have a day at home, the puddle isn't the best choice, because the pet will be boiling, crying and proving.


A goon dog with a beautiful and friendly character, traditionally bigleys have been made in English for children. These pets are doing great in big families, even in a modest area, they feel good, always playing and energetic. They have unique sniffs and very developed hunting instincts, so first time they can hunt birds, cats and other lives, but the dissent fixes that behavior. Bigleys are unconfit, they find a very good language with little kids, they love to go out with them. It takes a regular and long walk, but the rest of the pets don't require special care.

лучшие породы собак для квартиры фото 2 лучшие породы собак для квартиры фото 7 лучшие породы собак для квартиры фото 4 лучшие породы собак для квартиры фото 10
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