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Peckinese Dog Breed

собака пекинесContents:

Beijings, a dog that could not be owned by anyone other than the family of Chinese imperials. If someone was stealing a dog, he was expected to die.

The weight of the pecans is 3, 2-5 kg, the weight of the suk- 3, 6-5, 4 kg. There is an opinion little dogs Pekines is their distinct variety. Contrary to the domestic opinion, there are no carlic bakers. In any lipstick, there may be a " brown " variety. The weight of such a dog in adult shape does not exceed 2,7 kg.

Feeding of pychines.

The pelvis must be diverse, because the nutrition depends on the health of the dog and the state of her hair. The pineapple in good shape is the muscles, and underneath them, the ribs and ridges shall be tested. Beijing can't be overkilled, otherwise the obesity will unleash, which will lead to the premature ageing of the dog. The main food for feeding is: meat products (driver or welded beef, welded chicken, turkey, sub-products only as additives), large and flourish products (figures, Greeks, macaron products), eggs, vegetables, greens, fruit.

It's very good to include in the diet and feed for dogs a super class award. Such feeds are suitable for both adult dogs and puppies, pregnant dogs, sensitive food dogs, etc.

The contents of these feeds include: various meat, animal proteins, fruit and vegetables, grass. Carbons in these foods are minimal. The benefits of feeding are evident, and they contribute to dog activity and health.

What's the cost of the baker?

A lot of people wonder how much the dog costs pequines and why does the price depend on him? Inside, the breeds of puppies differ in many indicators and the puppy you want depends on the cost. Dogs are divided into three classes: poet, brid and show class.

Pet category includes dogs with exterrestrial deficiencies disqualifying defects. Such dogs are not used in tribal work. However, this does not prevent this group ' s dogs from being home loved by good companions.

Birds include puppies with excellent ancestry, with good international temperament and reproductive characteristics. They give way to the gorgeous-class dogs and are mostly used to reproduce breeds.

The categorization of the show class is called high-natural animals, corresponding to the standard with an outstanding exterrier. The dogs that fell into this group are intended for both tribal and exhibition work.

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