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The Dog Breed Is Pit Bull

ПитбульThe reputation of these dogs isn't really good. It was sparked by a long period of involvement in violent dog warfare, which continued after the official ban on bloody entertainment, and most importantly, numerous accidents, often with the tragic blindfolds of which they have always acted, American pit bullies.

With this stain in the biography, it's not very appropriate to count on the status of a friendly companion, because under one name, the imagination is not just a fighter dog, but a furious beast. And even the Americans, who once had lost their souls in the pit bulls, in the rage, called for a massacre, until all the dogs of this species were physically destroyed.

Well, we thought soon. Isn't it true that dogs are responsible for the fact that the thirsty-built manufacturers for years have, in an orderly and determined manner, formed an irrefutable car for murder? Was it the fault of dogs that natural friendship and equilibrium had been artificially suppressed by human beings and, instead, aggression and hostility had been encouraged?

But even though the pit bulls have been rehabilitated and the mistrust to the breed has still persisted and, by jealousy of the owner taking a dangerous pet, many prefer to cross the street.

In some countries, pit bulls are subject to compulsory sterilization, in others, they are prohibited from taking them outside without sympathizers, and in the third generation of these dogs are prohibited. Many experts estimate that this species is actually considered as the most aggressive dogs from all the existing ones.

Why be surprised? The pit bull's ancestors don't have labradors with basset-haunds. These dogs are direct descendants of war bulldogs and saffordshire terriers in America. Both have no excessive softness: the first have given the pitulners power, fearless and insensitive pain, and the second has been given a momental response rate, which makes it impossible to speak of the full safety of the species.

Питбуль Питбуль
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