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The appearance of this white dog, from the legs to the head of the black Fridays, always gives people a smile. For the first time, a lot of people saw stainy dogs in a disney mulphile, and now he's a surviving image from a fairy tale!

It's known that Dalmatinas are a very ancient breed, probably a history of thousands of years. Scientists have yet to agree on their origin. According to the most common version, the name of the damatine was derived from the historical area in the north-west of the Balkan peninsula, Dalmation (Territory of Modern Croatia). Apparently, the first stained dogs appeared in northern India, and in Dalmation were hit with the Roma tabors. Dalmatine's ancestors think a marble dog and an Austrian sweater.

The special popularity of the pond in the 18th century in England. Dalmatians were used here as a hunting dog, a shepherd and a rat, but their main purpose was to escort a carriage. These elegant, effective and very lucrative dogs performed not only a purely decorational function in the crew, but also freed their way, and protected passengers from robbers.

Modern Dalmatine is quite large (up to 60 cm in the chole), strong, harmoniously constructed dog. There are two varieties of damatine colour, black or dark brown marks on the white background. But black dogs have to have dark eyes and their noses black and brown stains have brighter eyes and dark brown noses. I wonder if Dalmatine's puppies are born entirely white, and the marks appear with their age.

It is important to know that the damatines are lynched around a year, so they need to be scratched daily. By the way, they're not purely clean, they're very fond of washing, and they'll never get in the dirt on the street.

Before you carry out your child's dream and set up a Dalmatina, think if you're ready to keep a very active, vigorous dog. Dalmatine's not sitting there for a minute, he's gonna need long walks, fresh air, regular field trips. In four walls, the sand starts to smash and, as a consequence, to ruin things. Dalmatinas are categorically unsuitable to low-lying, employed or older persons who will not be able to give the dog proper attention.

With regard to the nature of the Dalmatina, it is a friendly, life-saving, communicable and very mobile dog, but it is not as simple as it may appear. Dalmatin, contrary to the general perception of a fabulous dog species, is quite magnificent and well remembers his insults in the face. And while this dog is really good for families and good with children, she'll never tolerate family life.

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