Породы овчарок: какие бывают?

All Kinds Of Sheep

1. Master eats first. You can only feed a dog after you eat yourself. Let them wait and lose. Don't let anything come from the table, and don't even let them in. When the bears are filled with food, make the dogs do several teams. Usually it's "sitting," "hot," "to me" and finally "possible." Teams are performed more quickly and more interested. From an early age, teach dogs not to respond to their manipulation by your hand in the mice. I'm gonna take a fodder out of my mouth, I'm gonna get a bowl out of my business.
2. The owner doesn't give his own, and the dogkin's claiming. The bed, the rodent is the taboo! Don't ever let a dog lay on your bed and sleep on it. It's an unbearable luxury that can raise your legs with a lot of problems, ignoring and disrespecting the host's dog. If a dog hithrits and sleeps on a bed in your absence, put a mouse, not one thing, it won't hurt her, but hunting to sleep on the host will take a long time. You're supposed to be "pretting" at the dog's place. Specially, sometimes you kick a dog out of the pan, show your superiority.
3. The owner doesn't give up the road. If the dog's on the way, don't go around and push softly. She's obliged to step down. In the elevator, the door, the transport go first, the dog only after the team. It's an important educational moment, again, to prevent the loss of a dog in a bagato.
4. The owner must not forget the leash. A dog walk is a job. It's important that you walk a dog, not you. When you walk back from her, you keep the dog on a short leash, even though she's trained to be around. The leash is the key to obedience, makes the dog dependent on you, disciplines her. Let go with the walk team only in a place where there's both.
5. The owner says "Ko to me" twice. During a walk, the dog must not be given to itself. It's under control. Let them go for a walk, they called. On the first command, "to me!" the dog of any breed must return to the master. It works first. Make it work. Protect your lacquency. Don't listen, put the lead chain on her side. The puppy, scared of the call, will come to you for protection. Just feed, praise.
6. The owner's not chasing, he's hiding. Don't chase a dog, on the contrary, run away from her. Get the puppy out of the woods. Hide behind his trees, let him run, look, worry. When you find it, enjoy it, eat it. There's no problem with the "me" team. This is the most important team. If the dog runs away from you, and then suddenly it's coming up, don't call it a joy, or the animal won't trust you.
7. The owner shouldn't let the dog eat everything. Make sure you don't pick up any shit from the ground. Don't respond, you're gonna watch it again, drop the chain. Scared, praised, fed, calm down. It's very dangerous to pick, "good" people can put a needle or a poison in a edible one time.
8. The owner won't let anyone sniff. Don't let the dog sniff around, don't run after it from the pole to the pole, break the lead, and move on without stopping. Don't be a hostage to your dog's hunt.
9. The master can't be mean. Unjustifiable aggression. Don't hit it, take it for the chalk, get down to the ground and tell the serious tone what you think of it. You've got to learn how to do this since you were a kid. The most serious dog will remain with you forever as a puppy.
10. The owner of the dog is not angry or rushed with the choice of the trainer. Don't hurt a puppy or a young dog in any case, don't get them to the hysterics, to the foam at the mouth. Don't do anything to encourage aggression. And don't rush to choose a trainer. A real professional unit. Save your dog a healthy psychiatrist, strengthen physically, and she'll be a battery of your good mood, a reliable protector.

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