Характер французского бульдога

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Looking at the French bulldog, and you know, it's not exactly a dog, it's more than that. Some strange creature,
whose head is nearly one third of the torso, with the lion's breasts, with wide underwear on the laps,
It's like a cat, with broad-based eyes like a man. Paris writer at the beginning of the twentieth century Colette in a letter to a friend
I wrote, "I had two dogs at the time, but my hand doesn't come up with two dogs."
I had a dog and a French bulldog.

The dogs of this breed are perfect for keeping in a small apartment and for living in a private mansion.
Their short, smooth, adorable hair doesn't produce any cotton and requires neither hair nor hair,
No trimming, it's not dangerous for your carpets, couches and chairs. The size of the “French” is convenienced in all
(30-35 cm in the lobby). He can't stand under his feet, be able to accompany you on any trip or trip.
The French bulldogue has a remarkable characteristic of adapting to the conditions of life offered to it.
This dog is extremely contacted, loves the society of loved family members. She's just happy when everyone's home,
It's possible to play with your child for hours or lie next to you at the TV, and no movement will bother us.
If it's all at work, the bulldog's spent all day quietly, celebrating at his favorite place, waiting,
When the sound of the door's open key is released. He'll meet you at the doorstep with such a happy and happy expression.
The face that your whole fatigue, which has accumulated in the day, will disappear, the weather will go to second. Looking at this nice thing,
It's a beautiful creature, you'll realize that there was a small, charming, very warm sun in the house. Even surprisingly,
how bad feelings can cause French bulldogues from a man who decided to take a dog into his house.
That breed. Since the first weeks of Frenchmen ' s life in the family, the hosts often suddenly realize that they can't afford to.
without communicating with your new boyfriend. With a puppy, the house is filled with cozy and happy. French bulldogues
Very used and tied to the masters. In response to your concern, the heart of the French responds to such a attachment and that
It's a great love to express it with words.
French bulldogues are also very delicate psychologists. They're good at knowing people and running around.
If a man comes into the house like a guest and a friend, as a good friend and a host of joy for his appearance, the French are happy.
with everyone. He'll bring and show the guest his toys, even invite him to play together. If the guest allows,
He's gonna jump on his knees and gently, and he's gonna lick his cheek. And if he's not in the house, he's gonna lie down and he's gonna sniff in.
Waiting for the hour when they remember and call. But God forbid if the guest turns out to be unnamed. Bulldog
Not only can we inform the masters of the approach of another man, but it's fearlessly reversing to the enemy,

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