В Испании запретят продажу

All The World's Dogs

Invite all amateurs and dog owners to exchange useful, informative publications to discuss interesting issues.

1. Disclosure of thematic announcements in the debates established for this purpose. If you want to maintain your subject by regularly supplementing it with novels, news, etc., create a separate discussion in the first communication of which you can tell as much about yourself, your services or the goods, and also provide all contact information.
2. If you have a question, or you'd like to talk to the participants on a subject-- create a discussion.
3. For cooperation between WC groups, please write admins to the group
4. The group's wall is also open for communication.
Advertising on the wall with the permission of the administration. This service is available only to our partners and team participants.
5. Create your photo albums, share news and events, add videos.
6. Respect the opinion of others, you can have dialogue, insults are prohibited!
7. Announcement of shelters, attachments and assistance is prohibited in the group due to the increasing incidence of fraud (the administration has neither the capacity to verify the validity of each announcement). Such announcements should be placed in specialized assistance teams, etc.

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