Прикольные фото собак

Little Dog Pictures

Psychologists found that little kids can understand dogs. It's about the emotional racing of these animals. The researcher's article appeared in the journal. Developmental Psychologyand its summary is provided in a press release from Brigam Young University.

As part of the job, the scholars conducted the next test. Children who were only six months old were allowed to listen to the aggressive and good sound of dogs. The children were then shown pictures of aggressive and friendly dogs they had never seen before. Researchers then determined the choice of the child by the amount of time it looked at. Turns out the kids were looking at the right pictures for most of the time.

According to researchers, dogs were selected because of their community. Scientists stress that, despite the seemingly simplicity of experience, new results make it possible to better understand how small children are trained so quickly. Psychologists note that understanding the surrounding world of young children begins with emotions.

Most recently, scientists have been able to determine that cats are capable of manipulating masters. In particular, malls can contain high-frequency sound sounds that resemble infant crying. As a result, the owners have to listen to their pets.

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