Две собаки породы немецкая

The Picture Of All The Natures

восточноевропейская овчарка, восточно-европейская овчарка, фото, фотография Every country has the right to be proud of its achievements, including in the field of dogs. Our country has not succeeded in giving the world such magnificent breeds as the Russian beard, the Caucasus sheep, the black terrier, the Moscow shepherd, the Mid Asian sheep, the South Russian sheep, the Eastern European sheep and others.

The two species listed above are not recognized as FCI. That's it. Moscow Guard and the Eastern European sheep. They're only slaughtered in Russia and in the countries of the passing. But here, unfortunately, for a number of reasons (more new imported species, loss of interest in breeding, influence of fashion, etc.) the fruits of domestic dog breeding have been ignored. For example, the Eastern European sheep was on the verge of extinction during some period of its existence, and this is the pride of our dogs! So I'd like to elaborate on her.

The Eastern European sheep, as a distinct national type of German sheep, formed in our country in the late 40s and early 1950s on the basis of imported from Germany after the war and a large number of dogs of unknown origin.

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