A Very Big Dog

Evgeny Shalimov
The dog's been found on the 9th quarter, the condition is unclear, the examination is necessary - possibly pregnant.
A very big dog. At the moment, it's on the street, it's necessary to build temporary shelter! Freya's super community.
We're looking for old masters, of course, but it's likely the dog's out.
Help me, please!
I have my own dog and I can't do this for a long time!
I just couldn't leave her there.
She's in the garage right now, in my friend's car service, but naturally it won't be long.
WOMAN, YOU DON'T GET ME OUT! I couldn't leave Freya in the courtyard, where disgruntled tenants have already started, and where there are violent teenagers, a dog of superintendents. That's why I'm vulnerable. I bought a leash and a collar. Dry feed required. Anyway, it's a terrible thing to do!
I want you to help me, and I'm going to make fun of the whole thing. 20 Rubleys. ♪
Please be careful! You have to write a word for money! Otherwise the money will fall just on the phone, not on the bank card!
2) "Hunger Telephone Megaphone: 8-923-305-97-85 (upplied as normal cellular number).
(3) Kiwi Kochleek +7 983 152 85 68 ...
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