Собаки не очень высокие

Hot Dogs

The beginning of the pond takes from the English race. In Russia, they began to show up since the '40s of the 18th century, and their blood became a part of the Russian race. The dog was called an English Russian race and the blood of the French race was added. Then the hunters didn't target the new breed. Just trying to improve the dog.

Initially, the special li of the Russian race was very valuable. In pursuit of the beast, the dogs have always plunged into a loin, which has been a characteristic tone. However, after crossing with western species, the Russian race almost lost this characteristic sign.

The Russian foot race starts only after the first breeding standard was adopted in 1925. The name of the new pond was only in 1951. Although FCI has not yet been recognized.

Size: Growth and weight by standard

Русская пегая гончая It's a strong, beautiful, prorated dog with a massive colt and a well-developed muscle. Its height in the chole is 56 to 66 cm, the weight of the dogs is not regulated by the standard.

It's like a rectangle. Eyes oval, dark brown, cosoted. Your nose is wide and black. The ears are full, small, triangled, tightly attached to the head.

Holka's on the back line. The blade is fat at the base, sableric.
The hair is short, with a well-developed staircase and a rigid rest. On the ears, the head and legs, it's short and on other parts of the body to 4-5 cm.

The characteristic bright colour of the Russian singing race allows the hunter to distinguish it quickly from the wild animal and to avoid error when fired.

Most often this color. dog species white with redheads and black stains covering the shoulders, head and back of the dog. Laps and belly must always be white. The colour of red, silver, and a small crypt is also allowed. The size of the black stains can be very different up to the laundry that covers all the torso. There's a small stain in the face of the arrow.

Nature of the Russian race

The Russian gay race, like many hunting dogs, has a welcoming and peaceful temper. It's a mobile, balanced, easily controlled dog. She's a good distraction, fit and obedience, with the kids, and the hosts can be screaming, so the perfect companion is not. First of all, it's a beautiful hunter, an intimacy and passionate voice. It can be self-sufficient and spend hours with possible mining. That's why a dog like this is the hunter to use her working qualities.

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