Небольшой белый Гаванский

Little White Dog

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To understand what a white dog dreams about will help an old French betrayal of an unconventional genie who, in the middle of the harvest, thought to get out of work. It was the white dog that a peasant saw in his sleep that was the perpetrator of such an erratic act. As the sleeper notes, this image is often amateur to the success of others.

If you have a seat White dog littlethe range is significantly reduced. A dreamwitness will not be the focus of attention, but the dream doesn't specify what's going to happen to him. I've seen it in my dreams to be careful sooner than usual, because there's no place to be safe. Accidents, huge scandals and diseases, including, should be watched.

Like a dreamer interprets a white dog's behavior.

If you've seen a white dog in your sleep, pay attention to animal behavior. Friendly, hanging tail means that the problem that's affecting you at this moment will certainly take on one of your friends. It's very likely that this will be the man you're counting on. It's also possible that a person you haven't seen for a long time has been in a hurry to help you.

When it comes to seeing a white dog in his sleep, which fuses around, frustrates, whistles and sucks you up, the sleeper warns that in the short term there is a high likelihood of losing a close man.

At the same time, the dream of such a dream could be seen as a reminder. It would be nice to look more closely at the people who often have to deal with. You may have been unfair to one of them, which will not prevent you from becoming friends in the future.

If a white dog bit you in your sleep, the Sonny thinks that one of your loved ones will soon be acting completely different than you expected. The person you've been used to trust can lead to the most responsible moment for you.

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