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Photographs Of Big Dogs

НьюфаундлендThe poets taught them poetry, the painters painted portraits, the sculptors created monuments, images of them from time immemorial, stealing postage stamps, and there is not one outstanding individual among the people rescued by these remarkable creatures.

These are Newfoundlands, creatures of indefinitely good and highly noble. Because of the serious appearance and the compelling parameters, the goodness of the Newfos doesn't come to believe, but even a little contact with them is enough to make sure they're absolutely immune and willing to come to help anyone who needs it.

There are many versions of the origin of a famous dog. Most researchers tend to see the birth of Newfoundlands as a single island, and among their possible ancestors are called and Viking dogsand the black wolf and the big pyrene dogs.

Initially, the island ' s fishers used Newfoundlands as working dogs, which were excellently managed with the extraction of networks, the transport of goods and, if necessary, the care of small children.

Later, the English were interested in the big, twisted dogs, which led to the " water " in Europe, where the flogging was improved. The great nature, perseverance and the ability of the News to stay in the water for a long time has contributed to their insidious popularity, after which they began to spread around the world at an enviable speed.

As a result of the secession, the breed has been enriched with new qualities: modern Newf is an active, balanced, loyal and wise dog capable of making decisions on its own.

It is not necessary to require them to be exemplary, that the meaningless dog team will not do, but in an instant situation where there is a need for a lightning reaction, it will do without thought what will do the best in the circumstances. And with the rescue of people, the brave Newfoundland is going to throw on a tone man without thinking or waiting for a special team.

Ньюфаундленд Ньюфаундленд Ньюфаундленд Ньюфаундленд
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