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Boxer is a strong, muscular, very powerful dog of a big breed. It's one of the most stunning and powerful dogs in the world. Thanks to these qualities, the boxer often works for the police or security. Boxer is very popular because it's one of the best breeds for families with children. That's what the boxers said because of their interesting habit. They fight in front legs like boxers. He looks sad or fun.

Typically, boxers have tails, so they're wrapping up the whole back, and it looks very funny. The Boxer was removed in Germany in approximately 1850, crossing German and English bulldogue. Initially, boxers were used as a dog fighter dog and bull poisoning. But for decades, his aggressive qualities have been eliminated. The boxer is now the perfect family dog. Boxer is kind and playing. Boxers love kids.

Стандарт породы боксер

The boxer breed.

Boxer is a loyal and pleasant dog. She's not vicious and she loves kids very much. It's easy to get a job.

Total appearance. German boxer is a medium-sized dog, a square format, with a beautiful and proud ass, short-short, tight, brown. It can be compared to a light athlete combining power and speed. It has a strong, massive, but completely dry muscle that is calibrated and under the skin. Movements of vigour, fast and strong.

As a service dog, the boxer successfully combines the necessary strength and endurance. He's a great landing and cyclist satellite. All these requirements can only be met by a harmonious organism that can combine power with the ability to move quickly and lightly. Therefore, even with the strongest structure, the boxer should not be inconclusive, heavy and vice versa, light, weakened.

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