Собаки породы ротвейлер

Rotweiler Dogs

Death cat

A little time ago, I had a dog-- a rotweiler from the breeds of unfaithful, but eternally hungry and dignitaries. One day we went to visit the buddy. He warned me he had a cat, but we said our dog was right along his tail. Come on, the cat's on death if the car hit or someone kicked. Anyway, he's dying. Come in with the dog, she sniffed in the side of the cat. Two chryp-chryp is sitting next to the mistress who cuts the salad and stares it in the eye.

The cat's a fucking idiot who takes his original place! Spring got to the bowl, demanded food and defended it bravely (I said the dog was totally unconfit, even though the saliva was coming out). As a result, the next day we left, the cat stacked on the dog, wore on the apartment and was in the custody of the property. He's lived up to a solid age, even though my dog that cured him didn't overdo it.

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