Порода чихуахуа хоть и

Chihuahua Dog Pond

Chihuahua, dogs are not difficult to care. The difference in short-short and long-seater care is the time to be spent for caring.
Regularly clean the dog's teeth. Every month, sharpen her claws. Buy a dog when you need to. Too often bathing can cause feathers and wool loss.
You'll have to clean your ear to prevent infection. One or two times a week purify the eyes of Chihuahua with a special solution. Since this species has a redundant tear-to-earning eye, there can be tear paths in the eye. Regular eye care will help reduce or remove traces.
The wool of smooth chikhuahua is not staggered and consists of brushing one or two times a week. They don't need to be bought as often as long as they're long.
Long-range chikhuahua needs to be scratched at least 3-4 times a week, and better every day.
Because of their size, these dogs have enough to run from the room to the room to meet their traffic needs, which makes them great room dogs.
However, it does not mean that Chihuahua doesn't need short walks on the leash, and they like to walk.
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