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Choihua Dog Breed

On the club website, you can find someone who will soon become a member of your family. A lot of earmarks, remarkable photographs and a summary of every puppy in Chihuahua, including such a popular mini and superminimum of Chihuahua species, will make the choice simple and exciting. You're getting a guarantee that it's not just gonna be desirable, but first of all, a healthy puppy who'll be happy for years and not suffer from disease.

Moscow is known in the Russian Cinema Community as the largest centre where Chihuahua's pythomics can be easily found, offering puppies for any taste and colour. In our club, only the reliable pets of Chihuahua, whose work is time-tested and appreciated by those who have become happy bearers of this wonderful breed.

Our babies are pure, exemplary, probable births and just charming creatures! In our Moscow club, we can afford to buy Chihuahua's pups, including superminis and minis, and that price will be the best.

When you buy a puppy in a pet, you can be sure it'll be a natural and healthy baby!

What does everyone love about Chihuahua?

Cute Big dogs The nature of Chihuahua's puppies can be described briefly. It's been a long time since she's been in need of publicity. In Europe, the first adorable babies appeared in the 19th century, and since then, they have not come out of the list of the most desirable domestic pets.

Why does Chihuahua like Chihuahua all over the world, with completely different people: active youth and couples, serious businessmen and romantic girls, children and adults? There are many reasons for this success. As has been noted, this is an amazing temperament. Unlike other compact species, Chihuahua and Mini Chihuahua are not hysterical, their nature is balanced, and the love of life.

These rabbits are loyal to the masters and unlimited love for people who don't understand how they do in such small bodies! They are, however, aware of their courage and willingness to defend the beloved master.

Chihuahua, factory jokes are the best alarm. The dog will inform the master of any danger to the loud loin. Finally, another important factor is the low price. But it's our concern - we don't have puppies with a price that's not appropriate.

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