English Dogs

Юная принцесса с собакойQueen Elizabeth Second of Great Britain is tending to fashion not only clothes, hats, forms of government, but also in dog breeds. It is the British Queen ' s dogs that the breeds of the king of the Pembroke are the main beauties of the Queen and the whole country.

Elizabeth Two has a charitable lifestyle. She sacrifices a lot of money not only to children's homes, but also to dog aid funds. It's the dog she thinks is the most selfless friend of a man. In her castle, Elizabeth provided dogs with a full range of apartments, with a separate wardrobe, silk underpants and a simple bathroom.

The species of the Queen of England's dogs
The first dog of the King, the future queen, gave her father George Sixth on the occasion of the 18th anniversary. From the first day, the future queen just fell in love with a charming puppy with big eyes and ears.

Собаки породы коргиMeasles have a slight increase of about 35-38 cm. They're perfect for rooms and they love walking. Initially, the crusts were decorational, but were widely disseminated in Britain, where hunting was an old tradition, they were also used as tractors. The breed of the Queen of England's dogs is very short, and sometimes it seems that when they run, they get to the floor. Dogs are two-coloured. A white hair prevails on the chest and abdomen, and the back and ears are painted in a golden red shade.

Everyday life of dogs
Elizabeth's gifted dog called Susan. Over the course of his life, the Queen had more than 30 dog species of crusts of ribs and all of them were Suzan descendants.

However, since 2009, Elizabeth has stopped breeding crusts because two have cancers that can be inherited.

The queen now has four beloved dogs: Emma, Linnet, Swift and Faros. The dogs ride with the queen in the limo, travel in the carriages, cut in the royal castle and walk in the palace gardens. They have their chef and the porcelain bowls. The dog diet is very balanced and has many useful vitamins. The castle contains even special beautiful cell baskets serving dogs with beds. Such baskets are weighed to the ceiling to avoid crossroads.

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