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Pieces Of Photo And Description

Немецкий ягдтерьерIt's a stunning and obnoxious universal hunter who's insecure. It's used for the production of beasts, mostly barsuke, lis, renowned dog. Also a good yogdterier in the search for and delivery of birds from water, trails and work on goat.

Dimension and duration of life of yards

The species has a strong cork and a highly developed muscle.

Color: Dark brown, black or silver black with burners, height in the hall between 28 and 40 cm. Weight between 8 and 10 kg. Could live between 13 and 15 years.

The weight is straight, tight, dense and rude. It's obligated by a thick subpiece. The ears are high, small, broken on cartilage.

Characteristic of the yogdterier

The dogs are real hunters. The yagdterier has an unlimited courage and a very delicate guinea. He's wicked to the beast and not especially welcoming people. It's a complicated dog that needs to be raised strictly and with knowledge of the case, so it doesn't fit an inexperienced dog. It's very early to learn and obedience and socialization.

They need to be addressed with determination and perseverance, but without hard methods. When a dog is not properly raised, it's not controlled.

As a hunter, it's better for this dog not to be in the apartment and to provide very intensive physical loads and to constantly develop working skills. They'll be best suited to active people who do regular sports and will be great companions in running and other sports. They're good at frisby. In doing so, the master must be a clear leader for the dog.

If a dog from a puppy age is under control and well-educated, she becomes friendly to the family of a host who loves and commits a pet. Yagdteriers are great with kids, they like to play active games.

The dogs of this breed are simple and very smart. They always try to meet the master ' s demands and are very appropriate. These dogs are easy to adjust to new conditions and change their place of residence peacefully, and they feel good in long-term walks. Ideally, the yagdterier needs to run every day for hours.
The Yagdters are capable of defending the master with dedication, even with the risk of their own life, and they are highly suspicious of strangers.

Health and disease

With regard to disease, the yagdterier is perhaps one of the most healthy dog species. Of course, we can't rule out injuries during sports or hunting, and as any other dog, the German hunter may suffer infectious and other disease.

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