казахская порода сабак

Sabak Species

2 chapters.
The firewall woke up early. "To school tomorrow!" She thought, and she smiled.
I've heard that there's a very beautiful park, I'll be looking for a button.
- Vasilis, he heard the voice of Daila's big sister.
- Coming!
Vasilis came down the stairwell and immediately ended up in Archie's arms.
- Oh! Archie!
Dale's up and helped you get young.
- I made breakfast. North's already gone to work, and I'm going to the institute right now.
I'll do it after a walk.
- Okay, bye-and Dale's gone for a stop.
- bye-- told Vasilis an empty room where only she and her lawyer were in.
Did Archie go looking for Knope today?
-Guav confirmed the Great Artushan Altaevich in 2 generations. )
- continuation of the
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