The Species Of Dogs Of Bain

Siobhan (Yap. ., angl.) Shiba() - The breed of hunting dogs on the Japanese island of Hongsy refers to ancient species.

The ancestors of the species were dogs used by hunters to hunt different divers, cross them between themselves to concentrate and consolidate the desired hunting qualities. The trim selection was based on three types of small Japanese dog species: sanjin, sinus and mine. Inu-- Japanese is a dog. Sanaine, Sinciu, Mino, Akita, Siba is the name of the cities where the breeds of these dogs have been removed. Standard approved in 1992. The species is popular in modern Japan. The main head of these dogs is in villages.

Siba-in was often used to hunt a big beast: kabaan, deer and even bear. The Japanese film "Medweatnik" describes the old hunter, his grandson and their dogs Siba-in.

Siba-in is the result of a targeted tribal selection that was conducted on the basis of three types of small Japanese dog species: Sin-shu, Mino and San-in. All of them had small standing ears, deep-seated triangles and tails, wrapped on their back. They've been breeding these dogs for hunting. The title of the species " siba-in " can be translated as a " full wood " , reflecting the designation of the species. Siba-in is a hunter for a pernicious savage in a stunned underwear. Siba-in was also used to hunt a bear, a deer, a cabana. These dogs are now very popular in Japanese villages, where they are most commonly used for hunting.

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