Боксер и котенок

Boxer Dog Photos

боксер собака(Signed) BOXER

Country of origin: Germany
Growth: 57 - 63 cm (coupling); 53 - 60 cm (suke)
Weight: 27 - 32 kg (coil); 25 - 29 kg (suke)
Maintenance of the apartment: Right, but need sufficient physical load.
Life expectancy: 10-13 years
Good for inexperienced owners


These dogs often love their nature, mind and loyalty. They're pretty lax and happy to join you if you lie on the couch, prefer to be around their owners at any opportunity.

They are often mistrustful to others unless they were socialized in early childhood. Otherwise, the boxers will be very loud at the visitors of your house.

Boxers remain emotionally immature for a long time, although their physical development usually lasts 18 months. It means early learning can seem like talking to the deaf, though it's not. But at one point, your dog suddenly understands everything you've been trying to teach her for a long time.

боксерAlthough they are well treated with other animals in the house with whom they were raised, they tend to chase cats and other small animals that are not part of their family.

Penalties rarely help to deal with the boxer and, like many other dogs, much better work for praise and reward. Many people have excellent results in preparing their boxer for a well-trained set of teams.

The dogs of this species remain very gambling even at the end of their life, which is a little longer than most big dogs. Boxers love hooliganism and are very happy when a man or other dog plays.

These dogs can adapt to almost every situation if they are surrounded by people.

Boxers are very smart, but they can be loud. Training for obedience is therefore mandatory. The training is provided to the boxers fairly easily and they like the process. Some of them work as lead dogs and guard dogs.

Going for boxers.

The weight of boxers is quite thin and easy to leave. The Boxers are lynching, but their hair is very short and thin, so it doesn't look very hard if it's not a seasonal line when the number of hair is doubled.

It's easy to take care of the wool. It's often enough to wipe a boxer with a hard tissue, although many boxers love it when they wear rubber brush.

Boxers are very clean dogs and often treat themselves like cats. Buying a boxer is an annual activity rather than a regular procedure.

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