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Irish Dog

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- The dog breed. It is the first and so far the only officially recognized dog breed in Argentina. Sometimes Argentine doses are called Argentine mastifs or Dogo Argentina.

Dr. Antonio Norez Martínez created the breed in the 1920s. Ten dog species were involved in the breeding process: the Kordova dog (through the mixing of Spanish mastifs, butterriers, old bulldogs and boxers); the German dog (arlequines) whose blood was tilt to increase growth; Large Pyrena Dog for Flower and Steel; Bordosian Dog for Power, Irish Volkoff for Speed Up; English Winder for Amelioration.

First stage of breeding[manage]

The idea of creating dog breeds that would be optimally adapted to hunt large-scale wildlife in Argentina ' s west came to Antonio Nores Martinez ' s head in 1925. Antonio was 18 then. As a basis for development, he decided to use the local breed of dogs used for combat by the Cordoba fighter dog (Perro Pelea de Cordobes). Many of his family ' s friends held these dogs, and Antonio has repeatedly witnessed their strengths, such as courage, will to win, excellent physical data.

That's what Antonio wrote later on.

Among the dogs that were most known because of their outstanding courage and speed in battle, are the Kitac, Johnson and the Ton, Oscar Martinez, the real dog gladiators who ended their mattturing career, El Roy and Nahal Dona Rogelio Martínez, Before the matches, these dogs went through heavy and long trainings, which resulted in perfect physical form.

Argentine doses are very athletic dogs.
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