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(angl) American Staffordshire Terrier() - The dog breed in the United States. There's sometimes a reduced name in dog literature-- Amstaff♪ The species is accepted and classified in the ACS called American Staffordshire Terrier. Accepted by the RCF and FCI in the 3rd group.

Ancestors of breeds are small grasshoppers of Spain, Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy. Since 1880, the breeding in America has been known as a " pit bullier " , under this name, the flogging was recognized in 1898 by the American Joint Club (UKC). The term " Postfordshire Terrier " was officially recognized by the American Kennell Club (AKC) in 1936, and the word " American " was added to the title in 1972. In 1936, American Stiffordshire Terriers and pit bullters were officially separated. FCI recognized American breed in 1972.

The dogs of this species are active and courageous, with determination and distinct intelligence. Their nature combines a number of opposite qualities: loop and power, intransigence and virtue, perseverance and sensitivity. It's not gonna fit a man who starts a dog for the first time. Stuffs are fearless, but they seek their own safety. If the amstaff decides he's unfair, he's going to show a grudge. Amstuffs are very kind and loyal to their masters, good nanny. Maybe it's easy to stay in the city apartment. It's free to be used as a drain.

The first breeding standard was approved on 10 June 1936. Its project was created by U. Brandon, who was subsequently the first President of the Club of American Staffordshire Terriers of the United States (STCA), on the basis of an examination of the standards of other species, a detailed discussion and careful consultation with the like-minded. On 26 May 1971 this standard was adopted by FCI.

Extracts from the standard:

Total♪ The American Stiffordshire Terrier should impress a dog with a large force, well broken, muscular, but at the same time elegant, provocative and highly responsive to the surroundings. The American staffordshire terrier in its descriptions should be crowned, not long-distance or bozo-like. His ability is legendary.

Head♪ Medium length, deep, wide, clearly expressed muscle and clear transition from the forehead to the morde.

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