картинки больших собак:

The Biggest Dog Breed In The World

самая большая собакаA 3-year-old German dog named Zevs from Otsego, Michigan, was marked in the new book of Ginnes 2013, as the biggest dog ever registered. Its height is 111.8 centimeters from the leg to the idling. I suggest you learn more about this Spanish dog, and also look at the pretty pictures of the great dog. LifeGlobe has many other articles about dogs that can be found in Nature. Surprisingly, Zeus just a few centimetres overwhelmed the previous recorder we've already written about. And the dog called Giant George was the same breed.

The previous record was Giant George, who only dropped Zevs by 2 centimeters. These photographs, published on 13 September 2012 and made on 3 November 2011, sealed a 3-year-old German dog named Zevs. It's mentioned in the Book of the Records of Guinness 2013, as The biggest dog. in the world. The German dog reaches 2.2 meters at the height standing on its rear. The giant dog from Michigan in the United States eats a 14-kilogram bag of food every day and weighs 70.3 kilograms.

In this picture, Zeus is standing over another host dog, an adult sheep. By comparing size, you can imagine how big he is.

Zeus is sitting next to the owner named Denise Durlag in their dining room. The biggest dog in the world is bigger than any of its owners.

And that's how big dog rests on the couch.

Kevin Durlag is waiting for his dog to return to the house.

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