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Why won't the zverchnaucer's haircut replace the trimming?
What's going on?
The thing is, the zvergnaucers have a slow process of updating the wool. She doesn't get out on her own even after her hair is dead. That's why the dog needs to help and pull the wrist manually. In the trimming process, you remove all the old rest of your hair, freeing the place to grow a new one. Stronger and brighter.
The zvergnaucer hair does not remove the hair, but only cuts it. I mean, the new rest of the hair is nothing to grow. As a result, the dog is heavily covered by a staircase, which is much softer and more delicate. Of course, one zvergnaucer haircut won't turn your friend into a bullet. But three or four in a row, that's easy!
Without trimming, the quality and good half of their functions and the dog's underground are significantly lost. He won't be able to protect her completely from the cold, he doesn't scratch well and he's even falling out. The line does not allow for full updating. And even regular brushing won't be able to fully compensate the pin.
Alas, but very many sadders do not understand the nature of the species, and only for aesthetic reasons, use simplified technology for the trimming of the Tskwerp Church. They're totally digging the rest of the dog's wool, and then they're strigning the cheek. Well, that's better than just a zverchnaucer haircut under the car, but it's not the best option. Especially if you have a snark of salt pepper colour or black silver. They're marked by any saddle negatorium in the form of a clear change in the color of dog hair.
Minor haircut of dogs and cats in Moscow zoosalone (York, maltesis, spice, bishop and other species). Let's build yorks and other dogs. Small♪ Professionally, qualitatively and not expensive, make your favorite haircut.
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