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Show Me The Photos Of Dogs

Владимир Путин и его собакиYesterday, the Kremel press service suddenly distributed photographs of Vladimir Putin's walk with her dogs in Podmoskovje: the Bulgarian sheep Buffy and Yumae, one of the oldest dogs of Akitoin.

Photographs were made by a personal photographer of President Alexei Friendly on 24 March 2013, when a massive snowfall struck the Moscow region.

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As we know, Russian President Vladimir Putin loves dogs.

Labrador Koni, a former President ' s home lover, who was given to him by the then head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Shoig, in 2000. She's over 12 now. According to Putin, he used his Labrador Kony to intimidate the German Chancellor Angel Merquel during the negotiations:

Владимир Путин и его собакиThe Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borisov, gave his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin the puppy of the Bulgarian sheep. At the end of the press conference following the Russian-Bulgarian talks, the dog was shown to journalists on 13 November 2010.

Soon, the press service of the Russian Prime Minister announced a competition on his website for the best nickname for the puppy. The Sokolov family from Moscow won. Now the dog's name is Buffy. (Oleg Popov ): Reuters):

Japan Yumae (transferred as the Dream) - another gift to the President, her Putinu sent the authorities of the Japanese Akito Prefecture last year for Russia ' s assistance to Japan in the aftermath of the worst tsunami and earthquake.

Владимир Путин и его собаки Собаки Путина: Баффи Владимир Путин с Баффи (справа) и Юмэ (слева) в Подмосковье Владимир Путин и его собаки
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