Пудели, также занимающие

Speed Dog Species

The species of medium-sized dogs are the largest in the world and their representatives are the most common. There are several reasons: first, these animals feel comfortable enough in the city and suburbs. Secondly, with regard to maintenance, such a pet is much easier to feed and to create comfort conditions for life than for large dogs. They are more reluctant than small dogs and not so helpless; medium-sized dogs can stand for themselves and for masters.

Medium-size dogs are not decorative. They may include hunters, athletes and protectors. Medium-sized dogs are easily educated and trained: with a proper approach to education, such dogs can guard the masters or property; children can play with them.

The variety of animal data characters makes it possible to choose a pet for any family. These dogs include both relatively calm animals and hyperactive, which require constant games, runs and natural exits. This section of our website provides an information catalogue of medium-sized photographs where you can draw up the most relevant information about representatives, learn the history of the species, ways of exit and learn other information.

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