The Cheapest Dogs

On March 6th, we will be able to collect gifts for the dogs and cats of Moscow shelters.

Let's make a real one together! You and I have the power to give a piece of the softest and cleanest holiday to those who need it, because one can of canned or a bag of dry food is tantamount to a bouquet of spring flowers ой After a severe cold winter, animals will be very happy with your spring (and delicious го) hellos.

And everyone who brings presents to the tailors is waiting for a nice surprise note from the fund and partners. Don't forget to celebrate at the Facebook and Vontacta social media event so we can make the right amount of our thank you.

Good practices:
- The municipal shelter in Pritchenik (M. Moscow)
- Nica private shelter (Ms. Zelenograd)
- Good World volunteer team (Ms. Scheelkovo)

Nica Private Shelter (Ms. Zelenograd)

  • Dry food for dogs (any);
  • Shell of treatment (sensitive digestive, gastrointestinal, sensitive);
  • Dog conserves (e.g. Trapeza, Oscar);
  • Sheaths middle dogs (30-45 cm)
  • Claws and beds/smalls for cats;
  • Drinking diapers 60x60 or 60x90, dogs weighing 12-20 kg;
  • Means to disinfect the premises, to wash the floor, to remove the urine smell;
  • Dumping bags are tight (from 120 litres);
  • Vetapentics: Sinulox and Rimadil different doses; Newcomek (to be any similarities); Iruxovetin.
  • Basic pharmacy: sterile bandages and medical gloves; Amoxyclave of different doses; Divided dosage, drops or eye oil Flocksal.
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