сокровище Японии. Порода

The Dog

ХатикоThe dog is a friend of a man who doesn't know that racial phrase. And indeed, dogs, along with cats, with ancient times, are considered domestic pets. A man started keeping them in his house to communicate and receive positive emotions. One of the oldest breeds of domestic dogs is Akito-Vino, which was emitted in Aquita province on the Japanese island of Hongsy.

Akito ' s ancestors may have become spicy breeds from China, cross-crossed with mastifs, as evidenced by archaeological research and the persistence of ancient pictures of dogs very similar to modern akito. This pond is the largest Japanese dog in spice and one of the 14 oldest dog species.

It is the dogs who are numerous examples of unreserved loyalty and loyalty to a man. One such example was the history of a Japanese dog named Hatiko. Akito-in herd was cooked by a farmer at the University of Tokyo, Hidasaburo Weno. The professor traveled daily from Sibuya Station, went to the city to work, and his dog was always following him bypass. Day Hachiko returned to the station to meet his master. It continued until one day the professor had a heart attack and the doctors couldn't save his life. But Hatiko has continued to visit the station every day for nine years and waited for his master. The history of the love and loyalty of the fourth friend overflew Japan and, in recognition of the Sibuya station, a Hatiko monument was established. This place is now the place where the lovers meet. The events described above took place between 20 and 30 years of last century, but continue to inspire the creation of films. On the basis of the history of Khatiko, a film entitled " History of Hachiko " was created in 1987, and in 2009 a film entitled " Hatiko: the most loyal friend " was launched with the participation of Richard Gira in the main role. The Hatiko films played their role at the summit level and were able to convey feelings and emotions at the highest level.

Having heard this story and watching the film, the inspired people have become interested in that dog, or the exact breed to buy it. The price of " Hachiko, i.e. the dog of the Akito breed, is 30-50,000 roubles. But, you know, the akito needs a special approach and experience in dogs.

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