Салюки (персидская борзая)

The Most Expensive Dog Pond

самые дорогие породы кошек: Петерболд (петербургский сфинкс). фото17th place: Peterbold or Peterburg Sphinx is the breed of glued cats released in Russia in 1994 as a result of the experimental cross-section of the Oriental Cat and the Donna Sphinx. Peterball's body can be completely bald or covered with a soft cannon. These elegant animals have a strong body, a long head form and large ears. The Petersburg Sphinxes can be described as curious, friendly and small cats that are vitally needed to communicate with people.самые дорогие кошки: Гималайская порода. фото Thanks to their exceptional mind and extraordinary contact, they're well suited for training. The cost of peterball depends on his class and gender and can range from $300 to $1,300.

16-bed: The Himalaya cat is a long-seater, externally identical Persian, with the exception of blue eyes and colours of the Color Point (light with dark face, laps, ears and tail) derived from the cross-section of the Sami species with Persian. There was a breed in the 1950s in the USA. The Gimalian cats are the gold midway between the Pers and the Sami: they are not as obsessive as the Sami and a little more active than the peaches. Gimalians are very luxury, gambling, obedient, friendly beasts with calm and soft character. The price of the cat of the Himalaya species is 500-1300 yu.

самые дорогие кошки: Шотландская вислоухая порода (скоттиш-фолд). фото15th place: The Scottish Visola or Scotch-Fold is a very interesting breed of cats, the main characteristic of which is presented in the characteristic terrestrial structure of the ear carcass wrapped forward and down. Such an unusual detail of their appearance is the result of gene mutation. The first representative of the species was found in Scotland in 1961. Scottish-Folds have a balanced ligament, games, smart, well-addressed family. They also have a number of amazing features. First, a special voice of a cat that differs from the normal burly of its violinity. Second, they can stand in the back laps looking at what they wanted. And thirdly, Scottish vislaws like to sit in a G-like position with a straight back and legs that's what they call "Budda." The value of cats of the species in question fluctuates within $200-1500

самые дорогие породы кошек: Девон-рекс. фото самые-самые породы кошек: Мейн-кун. фото самые дорогие домашние кошки: Лаперм. фото кошка породы Серенгети. фото
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