The Most Popular Dog Species

There's probably the most loved ones among the lab dogs. Good temper, community and abilities made these dogs popular around the world. These are real peacekeepers and humanists. Thanks to their unique qualities, the Labradores are used not only as companions but also as an excuse, rescuers, and to search for explosives and drugs.

Because black

No one truly knows where these good-willed and Nice dogs.♪ Maybe that's why there are many versions of their origin. In a long time, such dogs were called dried or water. And in fact, there's a lot of labrador water that connects. In the past, this pond was the favorite of Newfoundland and Portuguese fishermen. Couple of dogs have been taken with each swim, and not as a talisman. The great ability to swim and the extraordinary devotion of these animals have conquered the hearts of even the fastest sea wolves. That's why. Each fisherman had a special rescue canat with which, in the event of a disaster, two dogs were to sail to the nearest coast. And then the whole team was picking up this canate. They say there's been some sort of thing. They've always been scrutinized, guarded and beaten.

And that's how Labradors came into Europe. They say that one day, a team from Baltimore Kanton saved a crew of a sinking English brig from Newfoundland. Together with people, the puppies that Captain Kanton left in Baltimore were also removed. However, far away from the Labradors, they found a separate species. Despite the fact that such dogs had painted Titian, it had been decided in 1812 that the species was different from all others, and it was suggested that they should be called " small Newfoundland " , " saint Jones " or " Labrador " . After all, the name of the Labrador has been fixed. Why? And there's no opinion. Someone thinks it's all about color: the color of the first dogs, which were purely black, looks like a stone. Others claim that the ancestors of the Labrador were removed on Labrador Island. Finally, the most romantic and perhaps true version of this is: the first of these dogs were seen by the Portuguese and, as they were affected by their extraordinary work and work, they called the dogs the Labrador (labrador - in translation from Portuguese means the " armour " .

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