Cамые необычные породы собак

Unusual Dog Species

The Commondore is not only famous for its unique blank cover, but also intellectual, resolute, rapid reaction, incredibly productive capacity. These qualities in the species have been " cultivated " for centuries, as the cocondor has had to protect animals on pasture alone for several months, dealing with different situations. The fearless and reliable commander is very warm to his master and family members.


This Turkish hunting dog is a real unique! The “Anomalia” Catalburuna, also known as the Turkish printer, is a double nose. It is not ugliness, nor traumatized in dog fights or wildlife connections. According to specialists, the unusual nose at the catalburuna (in translation of the word precisely means the " disparate nose " ) came from an inbring (spiration of animals with common ancestral ancestry in close kinship). Of course, such pets look " not like all " , but this " disclosal " gives them and the fore: the unique nose of the catalburon has an incredible smell, much higher than the " middle dog " , so the catalburons are very demanded among hunters.

Nuchai can be successfully used as rescuers, police and border searchers, customs posts and stations. Catalburun cheeks are excellent students, and they can be hunted for chickens for six to seven months. Catalburuns are very depressed (in pursuit of hunting, developing good speed), energetic, obedient and balanced. The master's hearings are indisputable, but strangers can be attacked.

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