Немецкий Ягдтерьер

Yagdterier's Dog Breed


Country of origin: Germany
Growth: 33 - 40 cm (coupling); 28 - 36 cm (suke)
Wes: 9 - 10 kg (coupling); 8 - 9 kg (suke)
Maintenance of the apartment: Not recommended
Life expectancy: 13-15 years
Good for you. for experienced owners

Nature of yogdtery

Yagdterier or German hunting terrier is a friendly and soft dog. Despite the fact that the dogs of this breed were purely for hunting, they receive loyal and loving family pets.

In addition, yogdteriers have excellent access to children and can become best companions for them.

The dogs of this breed are very smart and simple in teaching. They're smart and always trying to do what the master wants. Moreover, these dogs are easily adapted to new conditions.

Jagdteries are very successful hunters. They're fearless and depressed dogs. The strangers are suspicious. If necessary, that breed's dogs will protect their family by risking their lives.

It's important to note that this is a very strong breed of dogs. Therefore, the dogs of this breed will be best suited to people who want to have a very active dog and can help them participate in hunting, sports, etc.

The Jagdterier will be best suited to a dominant owner who will be able to determine his leadership.

Early socialization and education are highly recommended to the species ' dogs. Igdterrier needs to be relentless and firm, but no hard drifting techniques.

Yagdterery disease

It's probably one of the healthiest. dog breed♪ Of course, like any other dog, the yagdterrier may be ill, but this species, unlike many other species, has no genetic disease. Which means that such a pet will probably have very good health and a long life.

Yagdterier hike

It's not too much to go after the yogdterier. The dog's hair needs to be scratched once a week so the animal's hair doesn't get confused and looks good.

The dog should be bought, as necessary, from time to time brushing the ears and teeth of the animal, and cut the claws if they are not left alone.

Yagdterier is very in need of regular and significant physical stresses. Ideally, the yogdterier needs to be given a few hours a day.

If it's a long-term yogdtery in the apartment, it's becoming worrisome and self-conscious, because it's just necessary to be involved in high-level exercises, such as hunting or a long-hour free flight in the yard.

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