Собака породы акита-ину

Achita Dog Breed

Aquita and Shiba are two different breeds, although there are very similar features of nature and also have a large external similarity. It's the original kin species - Asian spice dogs.

Aquita is a big dog, a good guard, akits are hunting qualities. Contrary to what they write on the Internet, that Aquita is a good nanny dog, that's not exactly true. Aquita doesn't like family name, she doesn't like it when she's uncomfortable, and she's acting out of the way. The dog's serious, unharmed, with rare exceptions. Adults aren't too gambling, more calm, and "necessary." The dogs are self-sufficient, so they need a lot of attention and early education.

Шиба-ину, сиба-ину, фото породы собак фотография картинка

How does a squita-in dog breed different from bal-in?


Shiba is the smallest Japanese dog of this group. Good hunters, guard, phone calls. There'll always be a signal if someone else shows up. Very games, but at the same time independent, they are called for by little samurai. Other dogs are also militant, but still, more alive in the pack♪ They're very active, movable and intimidating at any age, curious, producing a lot of different horticulous sounds, perhaps it's what distinguishes them mainly from the akita if they can be compared at all. Sites are more suitable for accommodation, especially because of their small size. In many bruising countries, Ajiliti is involved because their temperament is very good for such active training. The Shiba is very similar, so it is also necessary, from early childhood, to raise a puppy and teach herds and guides.

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