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Diseases And Treatment Of Animals

Cats in the house are calm, calm, calm. They make us kinder, decorate loneliness, play with the kids. These pretty animals are believed to be strong. But do we always care about them, and do we notice their misery in time? And cats are suffering from very many illnesses, including human hazards. Well, when you have the opportunity to take care of cat health by a veterinary doctor. But if for some reason it's not possible, the master should try to help the beloved, because there are diseases that allow cats to be treated on his own.

To this end, the cat owner must have sufficient information to determine most common and in time to seek professional assistance. House-based treatment requires some skills. For example, if a cat scratches and bites, and she needs to clean up her ears, she needs to be dampened into a sheet with all the limbs fixed.

Dermatological diseases of cats and their treatment

The most common diseases of the skin of cats are dermatites, which are characterized by inflammatory processes in all skin layers. The causes of the disease may be injuries, parasitics, burns, medical intoxication and external effects on the skin of physical and chemical factors. A miliary dermatitis meets as a leather manifestation of the organism's reaction to allergens of any nature.

The clinical picture of dermatites, regardless of their ethicology, is similar, with all signs of inflammation on the skin: increased temperature, hypertension, appetite and disease. Then there are ulcers on the skin surface, the disease can be chronic.

The treatment of cats in domestic conditions is reduced to the treatment of the affected 5% iodine solution. If the dermatitis developed during the trauma process, cooling bandages must be placed within the first 24 hours. The straps are then made from the furazilin solution, the quass and the affected section is treated with green. We can use steptocy and syntomic emulsion, pre-nisoleum and Vishnevsky. The high treatment effect is the use of Ezekan in combination with the vitamin complex (PP and B6).

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