Ошейники для собак своими

Diseases Of Dogs From Mites

If a dog bite the claw, unfortunately, the consequences don't always occur at once. Maybe a few weeks, and sometimes months, before the poor know. By the time, the owner forgets that there was a parasite on the dog's dog, which is vigilating. What are the most dangerous diseases of dogs at the bite of mites, the symptoms they cause, that information must always be kept in mind, regardless of the time of the year, the place of residence and the conditions of the pet.
BARTONELLEZ is the defeat of macrophagus, erytrocytes and endolite cells of Bartonella. The appearances of abnormality are very diverse, ranging from absorption for several years to sudden death without any indication of malpractice. To the most frequent symptoms of this disease, dogs are classified in mittenance: fever, weakness of the rear limbs, inflammation of joints, anaemia, sorrow, loss of weight, various heart and vascular sorcerations, inflammation of the century. There are possible nosebleeds, haemorrhage in eye apples, skin vasculitis, lung drains, meningitis. Some kinds of bartonell are dangerous to a man.
GEPATUNCHS is a human-disastered dog disease, caused by the simplest Hepatozoon. Parazites are predominantly in leukocytes, gradually spreading throughout the system. In most cases, this is not a consequence. Dog biteand the result of the blood pump. Frequently, symptoms do not appear until immunity is normal. During the period of loss of immunity (i.e. after biting, not one year of grief can pass) the fever is developing, the eyes are removed, the weakness, the pain in the joints and muscles.
ERLIHO is the common name of the group of diseases caused by the riquetics of Ehrlichia. Ricketsy parasites inside cells, dogs have predominantly trombocytes, monocytes and granulocytes. There are many species and strains of rricketsy, dangerous and human. Since 2002, herbs have become our problem (previously, the mites of dogs have been predominantly spread in Europe and the United States).
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