Хаски - порода ездовых собак

Dog Breed

Dogs used as a tractor for the transport of goods and people are referred to as driving. The beginning of the twentieth century was marked by the sedition of the North and South Poles. Changes in eternity were made, thanks to the dog's hideouts in which dog breeds were hidden.

North dog species set up under a harsh nature. Their appearance, nature and temper fully meet the conditions of the Siberian land. The dog wool is rigid and tight with a thick soft panchy like it's against the freezer and cold winds. Long legs and vegetated hull of strong and light colt, without difficulty, overcome deep snow. They're unbelievable animals that can feed periodically and uniformly. Typical representative of this northern family is a driving track. The ancestors of the loop are considered old-fashioned ps and wild wolf.

Perfectly adapted to human demands and the harsh climate, the lika can transport people and goods over long distances, notwithstanding weather conditions. It can make autonomous decisions in any, even the most extreme, situation. Numerous cases were described when dog ties returned to the fallen kaura, scattered the cargo trucks from the bottom of the lamb, found the way home through the burke.

ДалматинThe tensile dogs are being held all over the shores of the Ledoch. Including Colom, Chukotka, Yakuchi. There are only three species of driving dogs on the Cell. There are still Eskimo and Greenland Drivers, as well as Alaskan Malamuts. But there are some differences. Kamchatian driving brighter has sexual demorphysm, dogs are slightly bigger and they don't have a typical mask. The circles under the eyes are brighter than the whole cover, which makes them look like malamuts.

Each species has its distinctive features, but the general concept is very similar. Only the malamuts are large proportions. Their purpose is to carry heavy and very heavy cargo on a solid saint and ice.

Greenland and Eskimo species are used not only as driving dogs but also to protect property and other economic purposes.

Siberian haski is very similar to Yakuchia Aboriginal dogs as relatives of the latter. A lot of dog ponds that can move smoothly throughout the day. Haski is a secret dog that doesn't lace. Being alone is getting out.

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