БОРРЕЛИОЗ – опасный для

Dog Symptoms

Borrelia burgdorferi, Лайма болезнь, боррелиоз собакBorreliosis (Lima's borreliosis, Lima's disease, oxidized borreliosis) is a vector-born infectious disease caused by spirochetes. Borrelia burgdorferi

Borreliosis is a typical natural and nomadic transmission disease of dogs attached to temperate forest landscapes. The contaminating of people and domestic animals occurs when they fall into the centers of infection and the biting of the infected cell.

During the spring and autumn period, dogs are routinely, much more often than human beings, targeted by mites. The probability of contact with mites, respectively, and snacks, is very high for dogs due to factors such as size (responding to the vegetation pattern of active adult mites and nymph), wool, mobility, allowing contact with mites in large areas.

Previously, the disease was widespread only in the US and Canada. In recent years, Europe has been very active. In Russia, the natural clemency of the borreliosis was found from the Kaliningrad region in the west to the Sahel in the east. The Leningrad, Tver, Jaroslava, Kostromsky, Kaliningrad, Perm, Tyum, as well as the Ural, Westnosibir and Far East regions of the pasture (Ixod) luxury broreliosam are considered to be very endemic.

Lima's disease sequestration coincides with the luxury encephalitis, which allows both infections to be concurrently infected.

Transfer paths

1. The main vector of the disease is the various types of mites, i.e., toxic, widely distributed within the FM. Borrelius mit infection occurs when the blood of the infected animal dies. For a long time, the instigator may be in the mites ' bowels, and if the cells are re-emergized on animals or humans, it will be handed over to the new master. Deer is the only animal that is not exposed to contamination. Lima's disease I'm sorry. This species has identified natural resistance to broreliosis.

2. Intrauterine contamination may be caused by the intrauterine death of the fruit. No breast-feeding incidents have been detected.

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