Чем можно заразиться от собак

Dogs Are Suffering From Human Transmission

Болезни собак и кошек. Заболевания передающиеся человекуThe diseases that come from animals are referred to as zooanthroposis.

About three dozen dangerous diseases for dogs and cats, including for humans, have been spread throughout Russia. They're different gelmintoses, peltospiros, toxoplasmosis, rabies and many others. People are infected with zooanthroposis when contacting wild, agricultural or household animals. We'll stop on the most dangerous list. Dog and cat diseasewhich meet more often than others and can develop from a person.

Leptospira Acute mammals and a man. The disease may be transmitted directly with the urine of infected animals or through contaminated environments, especially at high humidity or in areas where there is water. Leptospires can penetrate through sliding casings and damaged skin. They multiply in blood, kidney and liver epists, causing damage to many organs, especially kidneys and liver.

A number of associated vaccines have been developed by dogs for specific prevention of petalospirosis. Hyperimmune serums are used for passive immunization, which prevent contamination for two weeks. In order to prevent the infection of a person ' s veterinary centre, Zoovet recommends:
1. Involve their pets against disease
2. Start treatment as early as possible if the animal is ill
3. To observe personal hygiene measures when communicating with a sick dog

If a proven lab (serology) detects a peltospirosis in your pet doesn't panic, ask for help from well-established veterinary centres, today this diagnosis is no longer a sentence.

Gelmintoses are human, dog and cat diseases caused by parasite worms, gelmints. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the pets. ♪ ♪

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