Глазные болезни у собак

Eye Diseases In Dogs

A large number of animals lead to an eye clinic.


The most frequent records are:

  • Acute or chronic cataral;
  • follicular;
  • Dwarf;
  • phlegmontic or fibrinotic conjunctives.

This is due to the fact that the environment is in contact with the air and the outside environment.

Various microorganisms are permanently present in the conjunctive bag, which may cause inflammation when the protective properties of the convoy are reduced. In the case of internal diseases, many viral diseases, the breakdown of the exchange of substances is also evolving. The reason is also the entry into a foreign body conjunctive bag:

  • dust,
  • Sand,
  • wool,
  • Plant seeds, etc.
  • In the case of chemical burns, gas, acid, latch and various domestic means.

To wash the eye, weeds or ready lotions are meant. Different anti-bacterial, anti-histamine, inflammatory, humid and healing drops and masks are used for treatment to remove the inflammation and to address the causes of conjunction. In a number of cases, a number of laboratory diagnostic methods are used to detect ethology of the disease, immunosphere and immunofluorescent flushing to detect the antigens of the instigator.

Heavy tearing

Frequently, dogs and cats tend to have severe tears at an early age, and they can be constant or remiterate. All breeds, both dogs and cats, are met, but the problem is particularly common in yorkshire terriers and Persian, British and Scottish boilers. Frequently, the owners do not attach importance to this problem, erroneously believing that tearing is caused by the physiological characteristics of their animal species.

In most cases, however, the expiry is the result of a micolasis or chlamide infection that is dangerous to humans. The treatment of these infections is specific and, after the diagnosis has been confirmed, the use of caps and masks and the systemic use of tetracycloin row antibiotics or macrolydes. Long-term treatment, 3-4 weeks.

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