Little Smooth Dogs

The Russian terrier is a small, elegant dog, a mobile, high-level, thin colt and a dry muscle. It's a square menu. The height in the lobby and the juice is 20 to 28 cm. Weight up to 3 kg.

Little head. The worm is tall, but not wide, rounded up in the profile. The transition from the forehead to the morde is clear. Your nose is small, black or tone. The sea is dry, sharp. Thin, dry, tightly attached, dark or tone of colour. The beetles are small, white, scissorous. Eyes are pretty big, round, a little spooked, widespread and directly planted, dark. Eyes dark or tone of colour, tightly attached. The ears are big, thin, high, standing. The neck is long, dry, slightly inverted.

The hollow is slightly expressed, the back is strong, straight. The lumber is short, a little scarey. The crup is a little rounded and a little inclined. The breast is sufficiently deep, not very broad, oval. The stomach is stretched, floating and beautifully curved from the chest to the groin. The bone is short-built (two to three vertebrae), the dog keeps it fun up. An unbuilt tail, preferably a serial shape, which is held not below the back line, is also allowed.

The front limbs are stiff and dry, when viewed from the front, straight and parallel. Moderate scapegoat. The beverages are approximately equal in length. Locchi was sent back. Long, straight. Laps are small, oval, forward, black or tone of colour, drip, black or tone of colour. The rear limbs in the rear are straight and parallel, slightly larger than the front. All the junction angles are sufficiently pronounced. Dry and developed muscle hip. The back legs are a little early. The dog movement is free, straight, fast. The skin is thin, dry, tightly attached

The smooth-sixed terriers have short, tightly attached, shiny, no pancreas and a bluff. The colour of the black - arrogant, brown - inflammable, blue - inflammable, as well as the redhead of any shade with or without a black or brown fillet. In any colour, the more saturated tone is preferable.

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