Глазные болезни овчарок

Shepherd Disease

The grieving ass, life energy, power, courage, courage and loyalty of the Asian sheep are deeply respected. Yet these giants are prone to disease and need human assistance.

Owing to the large body mass and the impressive size of the medieval sheep machine, special attention is therefore recommended to be paid to possible limb disease.

This is particularly the case of animals lacking vitamins A, E, C, D, PP, vitamins of group B and micronutrients such as magic, calcium, iron, sodium, iodine, phosphorus, selenium, silicon, etc.

Dogs are the most affected by the diseases of the propulsion system, which are being held in the urban area. Insufficient sheeping leads to the development of arttroses, arthritis, tendinites, resulting in heart failures and a myocard heart attack.

Specialists believe that 25 to 33 per cent of dogs living in apartments suffer from obesity, which leads to the accumulation of cholesterol in animal blood, the narrowing of blood vessels and their subsequent closure, which contributes to the development of degenerative changes in tissues.

It is for the Asian medieval sheep that there are often so-called genetic anomalies arising from gene and chromosome mutations. Changes in cell structure or chromosomes are likely to result in an end to the development of embryos or the birth of special hardships. In addition, the dolls have kryptorchism, and the suc has infertility.

Dogs often suffer from endocrine disruptions, i.e. changes in the hormonal balance of dogs. Such animals are lagging behind, their hair becomes a slice and a tuskle, and the leather is equated.

The owner should closely monitor the condition of his pet. Any change in his behaviour, appetite and appearance should not be ignored.

Another feature of breeding is the presence of dogs brought from Asia, a variety of gelmines, many of which are not sufficiently explored and dangerous to humans.

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