Уже с названия породы можно

Ancient Dog Species

Самые древние породы собакAs one old movie said, statistic knows everything. It turns out that until 2004, statistics could not answer a simple question and call it. We will try to correct this mismatch and set all points above “i”.
First, why until 2004? Answer: It was this year that a study was carried out, in which 14 species were selected from many, which, according to their genes, are close to wolves (think I shouldn't explain why). They were recognized by researchers as ancient dog species
Акита-ину We'll only bring five leaders, these are species that are the oldest. Well, here she is, the five oldest species:

1. The first place was given unconditionally by the species of Aquita-in. This dog's home is Japan. The breeders are mattage. They were used in the thirteenth century, mostly for hunting. And like the guard dogs, the achita-in became known later in the sixteenth century. They guarded the castle of famous Japanese. At that time, even the punishment was for the murder of Akita-in, often cut off his hands or legs.
In today ' s history, the pond is interesting that during the years of the world war, active use was made in hostilities, which has barely resulted in the total destruction of dogs. In early 1946, there were only a dozen dogs. But contrary to everything, this pond has survived and in 1972 in Japan created an organization whose task is to control the purity of the species.

2. In the second place, the Alaskan malamut, who is considered to be one of the first home dogs. More than six centuries of malamuta were used as a dog. The period from 1886 when the time of the " gold fever " has come to thrive. Sobak has become an active buyer.Афганская борзая They intersected them with other breeds, leaving the pond on the verge of extinction until 1925. The resurgence of breeds has helped the diphtheria epidemic in Nom City. The dog's hide has brought a serum to a dying town. The hero of history was the dog, the Alaskan mall, the name of Balto.Басенджи After that, the interest in the species has been rampant with new strength and it has become rapidly and confidently revived and remains popular today.

3. Next place is an interesting breed called the Afghan beard. It's also a very ancient breed that dates around 9,500 to N. The eastern peoples have this dog even considered sacred. And in Afghanistan, this pond is not just a dog, but a national pride and a symbol of the country. In Europe from Afghanistan, the pond fell in 1894 and in the United States in 1927. The popularity of the Afghan beard was at the beginning of the '70s. But still, this amazing pond remains loved and popular.

Маламут Лхаса Алсо

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