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Dog Species

цвергшнауцер история происхождение характеристика описание породы, цвергшнауцер белого окраса фото, цвергшнауцер стандарт внешний вид размеры рост весThe story of the zvergnaucer begins in Germany. By its origin, the pond belongs to a group of pinchers, dogs similar to their use by Britain ' s first teries, universal non-critical palace dogs, hunters, rat fighters and other pests. In fact, the snaucers are a rigid form of pinchers. At first. new breed was known as the " hot carlix (miniature) pincher " . The Churchnaucer is the smallest of all the snares. Outside and nature, he's very much like his larger relative, the Mitttellaser.

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The height in the hall is for the dolls and juice between 30 and 35 cm. Weight for dolls and juices of approximately 4, 5 to 7 kg.

цвергшнауцер окрасы, цвергшнауцер щенок фото, цвергшнауцер характер и поведение, цвергшнауцер отношение к детям и другим животным


Clean black with black pans; salt peppers; black with silver; white.

For the colouring of the " salt pepper " , the aim of the education is to obtain medium tones with a uniformly distributed, well-pigmented " pepper " and grey pander. We're allowed to variate from darkness to silver. Under any option, it is obligatory to have a dark, corroborating the expression of a mask that harmonizes with the colour of a dog. The pronounced illuminated marks on the head, chest and limbs are undesirable.

цвергшнауцер уход за шерстью, цвергшнауцер груминг тримминг выщипываниеFor the colour of the " silver black " , the purpose of the reflection is to obtain a black blood wool with a black pan, with white marks above the eyes, on the cheeks, on the beard, on the throat, two separated triangles in the front of the chest, on the bays, on the laps, on the inner side of the rear legs and around the anus. The lobe, the neck and the outside of the ears should be black, as well as a blood worm.

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The thorn must be wireless, rigid and dense. It consists of a thick pan and in no case too short, well attached. The vertebral wool is rigid, long enough to be able to determine its structure, not tidy and unwavering. The weight on the feet tends to be less rigid. She's short on her forehead and ears. Characteristically, education on the face is not too soft beards and dense eyebrows, a little stunning eyes.

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